Monday, December 29, 2008

Still getting there!

I'm still getting there! I had another observation about the changes in my hair, it has less frizz! Yes, less! Usually when it rains my hair is an unruly mess of curls and frizz, but this past weekend after being out in the rain several times, it hit me, my hair looked the same as when I had dried it that morning! Wow! I'm really beginning to think that all the things I was told about gray hair and read in magazines was all made up by the hair dye companies.

Can I just say that I love being dye free! It's so funny that I used to dread the gray growing in and now I can't get enough of gray.
I actually have less gray than I thought when I started. It's mostly on the top with a few strands sprinkled throughout the sides and back. I love when the sunlight shines on the gray, I love the sparkle.

I have a few more weeks before I go for another trim, I'm trying to grow it out to shoulder length. I have a few ends with dye left and another hair cut should take care of those.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Frosty in December

I had my hair cut last night. There is still a bit of color on the ends, but I'm happy with the gray! My hair is so soft now.